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Magdeburg University was originally emerged from a Technical University, the College of Education and the Medical School and was named after the renowned German Physicist and Politician Otto Von Guericke. The objective of the university is to carry this know how into the world. The excellent and affordable study and living conditions makes Otto Von Guericke University increasingly attractive to both groups of students, national and international. Today, about 14000 students in 80 degrees are enrolled in the university.

Otto Von Guericke University is distinguished by an ideal student- teacher ratio, a sound professional education on a high level as well as practical approach. Lecture hall, classrooms and the modern University library are all located within walking distance. University's on site gyms, fields and other student facility offer diverse activities for students through out the academic year. With student ID public transportation can be used for free.

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Faculties at Otto Von Guericke University (Click to view)

a. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FMB)
b. Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering (FVST)
c. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT)
d. Faculty of Computer Science (FIN)
e. Faculty of Mathematics (FMA)
f. Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNW)
g. Faculty of Medicine (FME)
h. Faculty of Human Science (FHW)
i. Faculty of Economics and Management (FWW)