About us


The objective of Wisecorp is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education, recruitment and training. Global skills, knowledge, innovation and expertise are all tailored to help provide and build local solutions. Each office is accredited by relevant licensing authorities and manned by professional staff to ensure that unbiased relevant advice is meted out to clients.

WISECORP capitalizes on its network of offices and relationships which include but not are limited to Government Ministries, scholarship bodies, public sector companies, schools, colleges and corporate entities. We have a portfolio of valued national and international companies and educational institutes and flourish on a reputation of repeat business based on our commitment to succeed in delivering services in excess of clients' expectations.

WISECORP takes pride to be an exclusive partner to various universities and colleges for the purpose of collaboration where Indian colleges and Universities partner with International Universities and colleges for :

1) Student & Faculty Exchange
2) Capacity Building
3) Research Collaboration
4) Student Mobility &
5) Franchising.

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We are an education recruitment consultant with an expertise in assisting client companies and Universities across various countries in addressing their recruitment and staffing challenges,
Help in Student Admissions across various colleges and Universities across the globe.
Ensuring that selected employees are aligned with their corporate business objectives
Working with candidates on long-term basis that help us to correctly identify their career and personal ambitions, thus assisting them in taking the next vital step
Experienced team having years of experience in this field of education recruitment.
Having developed powerful network of clients & candidates that allow us to significantly reduce amount of time taken to identify right candidates with rare skills as well as market knowledge