Collaboration Services

Services for Collaboration:

a) Bridge the gap between Indian universities and International Universities.
b) Assist International University in selecting the best of Indian Universities for collaboration to run joint programmes.
c) Make the collaboration process smooth for both Indian and International Universities by taking in hand all the ground work required for collaboration.
d) Sign up the MOU with both Indian and International Universities
e) Create a proposal for Indian Partner
f) Signup the MOU/MOA with Indian Partner
g) Assist Indian Partner in obtaining the NOC from Indian Accreditation Boards
h) Assign a dedicated relationship manager for every collaboration.
i) Assist the International Universities/ Colleges from the arrival to departure and signing up with Indian Partners
j) Assist students and Faculties of Indian Partner to enroll in the collaboration module.
k) Assisting the students of Indian Partner with all the required documents for visa, pickup from International Airport, Accommodation, Obtaining International Sim Cards and opening a bank account internationally.
l) An officer of WISECORP will be located with the Indian Partner to assist in smooth functioning of collaboration right from student enrollment until the student obtains the international Degree.
m) Train the students for International English Speaking or any other International language (Chargeable and to be paid by the student who wants to learn the language) as it's a must to know the language fluently before going to the International University.
n) Complete hands on assistance from beginning to end is provided which includes services to students, faculties and management.
o) An Indian Partner can enroll students not just for undergraduate and post graduate level but also for Phd's and we can assist the student for a enrollment with international University to continue the program.
p) Wisecorp will provide meritorious student's of the Indian Partner to obtain scholarship of 50% to 100% from International University.
q) Wisecorp can also guide Indian Partner to start up a new course and affiliate with an international university.