Job Prospects

Language is one of the most powerful communication tools available to an individual. With globalization, an individual who has knowledge of more than one language has a number of advantages to his/her credit. Careers nowadays not only ask for languages as a primary skill, but occasionally as a secondary skill as well.

Due to their infinite potential, foreign languages are gaining tremendous popularity. India has many well–established multi–national companies which require foreign language expertise for transactions, reporting and translation of documents. In most of such organizations, knowledge of a foreign language is considered as an additional qualification.

The market scope of a foreign language skill is virtually endless. Infinite job opportunities in diverse fields open up for a person who is conversant in a foreign language – be it the technology industry (where one needs to regularly interact with offshore clients/counterparts) or the BPO sector (where one is required to interact with culturally diverse people) or Trade Industry (which involves imports/exports these days considering India´s 'global economy' model). Knowledge of foreign languages is particularly beneficial in the following industries/fields:

Travel, Tourism & Airlines
BPO / KPO Sector
Education & Learning
Manufacturing & Distribution
Interpretation & Translation in Private & Public Sector
Export & Import Houses
Small / Large scale businesses involving international dealing
Public Relations
Diplomatic Services
International Organizations – UNICEF, WHO, UN etc.
Research Organizations

Apart from this by knowing a foreign language one increases the chance of being hired by an international company to work offshore. It adds to your resume and creates a place for you in the global market of employment.